Fletcher Dale Art


Fletcher Dale Art  is a collection of my creations as a self taught artist. Needless to say I'm an obsessed lover of images!                         

I live on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, surrounded by amazing people who believe in and love me with great style.  I dedicate this site to all those beloved friends who in 20, 30, some 40 years, have never once faltered in their faith in my both my talents and myself.


  The artist archetype

  Dwells in this den
                Driven by brush and pen

  Burning urge to create

  Like God herself

  Yearning to participate

  Undeniably a poet  

  But who cares to know it 

  Words dribbled and scribbled

  Feeling thoughts nibbled

  Across an unread page

  Turned yellow with age

  Like my face keeping pace

  In a race never run or begun

  So easily shun.

  Beyond doubt a painter

  Wielding a wild brush

  Slashed rashly, splashed

  Finely, timely, divinely

  Seeking beauty and truth,

  Impulsive vision sleuth

  Creative urge never palls

  Yet foul I fare as paint falls

  Drips of colour don’t hurt

  As they embroider my shirt

  Ragged tag of shame

  An artist with no name

                 Fletcher Dale







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