Fletcher Dale Digital Art Picture Gallery 

Chicken Run


Since its emergence in the 1950’s digital art has steadily evolved into a new  and dynamic  medium.  This unexplored dimension of infinite artistic opportunity allows artists to create and play with a palate that is limited only by the imagination. Digital art employs tools of the computer sciences in order to create and shape works of art.

Most people in the general art world do not have much idea about digital art.  Like all new artist movements, people are finally realising what matters is the fine art quality of the pieces, not the technology itself.

As one of the youngest branches of contemporary art, digital art has now taken its rightful place within the international art world and the international art business.  Just as the computer has changed our  work environments and private lives over the past decades, it has also had a major impact on our artistic landscape, offering many possibilities of artistic expression in this explosive and electrifying medium. 

                                 Prints available at Imagekind - link above 


Yola Dances 

Brolgas Dancing 







Inspired by the beautiful Armani clown ornaments my mother owns




Blue Zees 

Cocky Davinci

The rooster images were inspired by a friend returning from Hawaii with stories of the roosters                       that roam freely throughout the island

Matilda's Mileage

  Pole Dancers

Treasures Beneath The Sea 



   Where We Going Dad?

Flame Dancers

Mary Go Round

 Turquoise Tea

Mona Lisa Smile

Outside the Square

Eightball Ant 

Curse These Stilettos 

Teenage Blues  





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