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This book is a collection of my poetry written over

many years, always triggered by an event in my life.

85 pages,  includes images

Love Shack 

This poem was written after I had moved into a block of units and the residents in number 3 were extremely vocal in their love making, any time, day or night.  All the neighbours were complaining (except one very proper little old lady who said it gave her thrills, much to my surprise) but no one took any action.  Having a few friends over for dinner, during desert we had an extremely vocal session foisted into my dining room from above.    I wrote this poem and put it in their letterbox,  as a sutble statement, which did the trick, we never heard them again.


This poem came after I was busted for having a teaspoon of marijuana in my possession in the late 80's.  Having developed an aversion to TV as a 3 year old when my family disappeared into the black box, I never outgrew this dislike, witnessing how people seemed to use TV as an escape from not only reality, but also from any real communing together.


Here again my aversion to TV shows.  Smoking became the big terror of the masses and I was banished outdoors everywhere I went.  Standing out on people's verandahs or in their gardens I could hear the neighbours absorbed by TV and I would think how sad it was that people lived their lives watching others lives on the box, instead of living their own.

Humanities struggle


My sons were teenagers,  friends came by, one always found a reason to take off his shirt  parading about invitingly.  A stunningly good looking boy engrossed in his youthful spirit 

Dark and Light

My struggle with myself, which thankfully my optimistic spirit never holds onto for too long

This next one came about when a friend suggested jokingly a poem on this subject so within half an hour this is what was produced

Here is my passion for playing with words - as much as my passion for paint and colour

And of course the inevitable 



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