BOHO VALLEY - my now old home

Early Oct 2009 it was time to move on and as one of life's treats I was lucky to find this, a cabin no bigger than a marchbox ..........

Left of the cabin was a magnificent palm forest

Desposing a lot of extraneous stuff so I could fit in a matchbox  I moved in

The first hay bales arrived and work began . Beneath that pile of dirt was a huge stump which had to go, to make way for a vege garden, the only spot with enough hours of sunlight a day.


Cooking facilities weren't the best but as the winter set in I was deeply appreciative of the wood stove

After a couple of weeks clearing  I stood on the front steps to see the shape of a fish in the lay of the land. Wow, the planet ruling my house of the home had moved into Pisces house of the fish the day I moved in here.  This was one of those ah ah moments when you know there are higher powers at work in our lives. I was definately meant to be here......

A couple of interesting visitors came by. The toad hopped, the snake slid, the toad hopped, the snake slid, the toad hopped, the snake slid, all the way across the property this fascinating drama played out until Oscar growled and the snake bolted in a flash.  I believe the jury is still out about how much damage the toads have done to our native population.

The fish was beginning to be more defined, two fish actually, like Pisces, both swimming in opposite directions. The inner fish eye was to be a fire pit.

I envisioned a grassy strip out front for doing yoga, so the turf was layed.

By christmas the garden was civilized enough to have the family over for lunch. My grandsons love this place, such a grand playground.

But it was this at the front door which sold me.

The land was sadly neglected, looked like no one had ever lifted a finger to improve it - but the outlook was stunning  

A celebrative dinner with a few friends left me a bit under the weather, but with a good supply of bottles toward what would become garden walls......

The matchbox became a comfortable cosy hideaway

With this ever present delightful view


The hardwood stump proved too big a challenge, its roots went deep, it would become a feature instead.

I felt the garden was like a painting, laying in the structure is important before adding layers and fine detail.  ALL my creativity was going into the garden.       I was no longer painting or writing, but growing seeds and cuttings in preparation for the gardens which still lay in my minds eye................... 

Levels were taking shape in the slope of the land .

I became the greatest rock spotter, collecting rocks wherever I went, the vege garden began to take form

The vege garden was ready for planting by the end of December 

After digging, raking,  and a bit of machine work to clear away the gravel which had lain in piles all over the site I used this to level off a seating area.

The vege garden was coming along with a crop of corn, spinach,  and basil well on their way.  The stump was used to grow beans over.

Boho Valley was beginning to show the potential I had seen when I first viewed the property. I did not care how small the cabin was, although extensions were in the wind, I lived outdoors in this wonderous gardenThe fish are more obvious in this extended photo.

Bojo Valley is so beautiful, it fills my soul with  joy everyday.  I had been bucketing water from  the dam for watering, but yoho Boho, I now have  a  bore, pumping all the water my garden needs.          

        This is looking back from the other end of the  dam, where I walked Ollie daily.   My cabin  is a small dot in the far distance.   



Colour coding the different gardens, this is the   white garden with a bottled wall, made from wine  bottles collected by friends.

The red garden as you drive inThe blue and yellow garden are a bit slower coming together.

A piece of my garden art brings this spot alive

The other end of the Red Garden

A year has gone by and these trees are now tamed before they grew too big and stole more precious sunlight .

Wondered what I was doing devoting my entire being to Bojo Valley, but recalled the highest use of Venus was dedicating oneself to a garden.                                                          My Saturn/ Neptune in Libra would love this.

The purple garden is a delight with much delivered from the coloured foilage, all        grown from cuttings. 

Many happy hours are spent soaking up the sunshine. The blinds expanded the cabin  considerably with the extension planned to have   full glass walls overlooking the palm forest. The concrete stumps are finally in.

One of the delights of gardening, a pungent and diminutive penis-shaped fungus appeared -            a Stinkhorn fungus

The balls in the background will eventually be turned into concrete balls

Boho Valley matchbox beneath the Full Moon

My gorgeous friend Amanda arrived for a holiday. The fish eye fire is well used.

Lunching on the mountain, my favourite, The Poets Cafe, where Ollie is also welcome 

The promised extension came but at such a price I am forced to leave this place! 

The landlord from hell took six months to build it, invading my life at his leisure whenever he chose

there was no where to get away from a tyrant who began screaming abuse every two days.

I had heard from many what a mongrel he was. He has a devil in his soul and to relieve the

internal pressure he attacks the outer world, unfortunately it is me at this time.... I'm out of here!


As a smoker with a dog choices of rentals are few. This one advertised smoker and dog welcome. 

That  had my name on it, although it was the most unkept disgrace, barely fit for a dog.  

This new landlord  again fits my astrology, he has five planets in Pisces, this will be interesting. 

Another transformation.......  After  a few months work my new haven, bigger, brighter and hopefully peaceful!

Top left verandah has been transformed into a breezy outdoor room... see below      

All makeovers were done from tip shop supplies or garage sales, done on the super super cheap.  Inside has been transformed into a comfortable haven.

 Love these country settings!   Gardens have been an issue here as the bore pump broke soon after I moved in. 


The branches were an addition after I built the bird feeder. Surrounded by palms there were no perches but now a variety of feathered  friends enjoy their daily visit for a bath and a feed. 


Surrounded by farmland this place is so peaceful. What was overgrown grassy banks are

 now flourishing with plants and vegetables.

Halleluyah,  the landlords love me! 

Story of my life - have to move on - divorce on the hill, property sold to a tyrannical landlord who has bought himself every noisy boy toy and machine made by man..... Urrrrrrrgh! Get me out of here...

Moved out into the Mary Valley as rents were soaring out of my reach for anything remotely liveable..  So another transformation

A carport space out back becomes a new art studio

I planted to attract birds and enjoy a huge variety of bird life coming by each day...
Pricilla was an unexpected arrival but most welcome
Blessed by a lovely landlady been here 6 peaceful years....

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